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 Wi-Fi Center

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PostSubject: Wi-Fi Center Wi-Fi Center Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2010 4:03 am

It is imperative for the community that everyone respects the rules that are listed in this section.
Otherwise, there will be a deletion of the topic/subject or even a ban.


1. Title

It is imperative to put a title very short and very precise.
Example: [Search] Shiny Pikachu.
Your title has to look like this:
[Trade] = For a simple Pokémon trade.
[Search] = For a Pokémon you are looking for.
[Auction] = For auctioning one or two Pokémon maximum.
[Store] = For your store (up to three members maximum).
[Event] = For a free distribution of any Pokémon or object.
[Battle] = To battle against other players.


2. Trades

It is essential to set limits to prevent abuses.
It is prohibited to offer more than two Pokémon in exchange for no matter what!
Any member who asks for more will automatically be warned! Trades for several Pokémon in 90% of cases are scams.


3. Rules for the auctions

In addition to the very specific title, you must be like this:

  1. You need the following information on the Pokémon being auctioned:

    - Name and Nickname (if it has one).
    - Its current level.
    - Place and level of capture.
    - If it is Shiny or not.
    - If it is hacked or not.

    You can put other information, but at least those written above.

  2. Your auction should take at least 12 hours (so that everyone has the time to participate).

  3. The bidders can not give more than 2 Pokémon in exchange, after it becomes long ... and there is a risk of a scam.

  4. You are allowed to write something like this:
    "For a Shiny or not".
    But nothing forces the bidder to offer that to you.

  5. The bidders will automatically respond to a proposal this way:

    My proposal:
    - The Pokémon.
    - Its level.
    - Shiny or not.
    - Hacked or not.

  6. You are not allowed to comment, out of your suggestions! Only the person who set up the auction has the right.

  7. You can only do one auction at a time.
    You are limited to one per 24 hours (one day).


4. Rules for the shops

To ensure that the shop doesn't look like a fish market, please follow the following rules:

  1. Separate all the Pokémon in different categories.

  2. Use the following code:


    To hide your endless lists.

  3. Provide a maximum of information such as:
    - Level
    - ID
    - Nature
    And the informations often requested in order to avoid multiple questions again and again.

  4. If a member offers a hacked Pokémon, he/she must precise it, otherwise, it is a scam, and the member who proposed the Pokémon will be warned. After two of these warnings, he/she will be banned.

5. Battles

Post your request as follows:

[b]Search: [/b]Solo Battle*/Duo Battle*/Cooking/Battle Zone/Wi-Fi Plaza**
[b]Friend Code: [/b]

*Free Level, Level 50 or Level 100 and the rules (official or everything is allowed).
**Swalot Plop, Mime Jr. Top, or Wobbuffet Pop.


6. Issues

You are in a forum for exchanges.
We can not promise you that your trade is without risks.
If the member follows the rules, normally the chances of scamming are low.
We suggest you also look at the warnings of the members, although this doesn't necessarily mean anything. A member with a warning does not necessarily agree with the rules, therefore it is not 100% safe.

If you got scammed, you can report it to a moderator or an administrator.


The topics of searches and shops will be deleted automatically if they have not received any replies for 7 days. The author has the right to make a "bump" to avoid the deletion. You may only "bump" once a day. For shops, the member must inform an administrator or moderator to close it.

You may now begin to connect with the other members.

Wi-Fi Center Cpb

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Wi-Fi Center

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