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 Forum Rules

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Forum Rules VideView user profile http://www.pokenaruto.cz.cc/
PostSubject: Forum Rules Forum Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 2:48 am

Hello and welcome to the PokéNaruto forum. The forum is a place for exchange among members. The rules are made of common sense so that the forum does not become chaotic. Thank you for reading and following it to avoid the consequences.

Rule No. 1: Writing in English
You are not sending an SMS, write correctly without errors and with the correct punctuation. And please don't use colours as it is only for V.I.Ps.

Rule No. 2: Respect other members
The other members are not only there to answer your questions. They are not here to be insulted. You should not act as a moderator if you're not actually one. That goes for posts like "Topic to lock", "Useless post" and other insults such as "Sucky", "Trash", etc. If you are facing a case like this one, ignore it; simply wait for the intervention of a moderator. Replying to a message flood, no matter what you say, is a flood, and you shall be punished as such.

Rule No. 3: Post wisely
The goal is not to create 10 topics per day to reach the 1000 possible messages faster. Do not respond if your message doesn’t bring something. Do not make advertisments unless another member requests information. Do not send two or three messages in a row, there is an "edit" button at the top right of your message to change the message. You may only post in the same topic after 24 hours if the last message was posted by you.

If you do not follow these rules, you will be warned and possibly banned.

Some additional details:

  • Private Messaging for proposing to go to another site are prohibited and punishable by a warning.
  • Same, it is prohibited to create a topic to propose people to go to your site / forum / other.
  • To host your signatures, you can use the site you want, but these ones are recommended by us:
  • Text ads in signatures must be done with text without colour change, style change or size change.
  • Stealing other people's work, whether it is from this forum or on any other site, will not be tolerated. You will be given a warning.
  • If you wish to contact us, click here.

To add a signature

Go to Profile > Preferences and on Always attach my signature : click on yes. Then, when you write a new post, scroll down and you will see an options bar. Click on the plus sign on the very right of it. Then tick the box next to Attach my signature. If you have posted messages in this forum before doing this, I suggest you edit all of your messages and click on Attach my signature in the options bar. Please remember that in your next new message you have to do this, then it will automatically be ticked for the next times you will make a new post.

I think I wrote everything for the moment, at least of what to do and not do on this forum. Any abuse will be punished with a warning. If the first is not enough, you will be banned a few days to make you think about your behaviour. And finally, if despite our good graces you still do not understand that there are rules to follow, in the third offense, you will be banned for life. I also encourage the members to report any abuses, including advertising by MP or other, to a staff member.

Now you're ready to post in this forum. Thank you for taking the time to read the rules.

Forum Rules Cpb

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Forum Rules

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